Through the operations of Ekobanken we want to promote

  • a free creative cultural and social life that gives meaning and space for living
  • the equal value, rights and responsibilities of all people
  • production of goods and services that correspond to the needs of people and within the planetary boundaries

Ekobanken is a transparent bank for those who want to take responsibility for the influence of money in society, how money is invested and the origin of money that is lent. Ekobanken makes it possible for its depositors to create a sustainable society. The members and owners of the bank contribute to lending projects according to the loan policy of the bank.

Social Banking

Social Banking is a growing movement throughout the world, and Ekobanken is the Swedish representative for this social, ethical banking movement that has been established in many countries. Ekobanken is a member of international organisations within Social Banking:

INAISE, the International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
INAISE is an agent of contact and learning, promoting exchange with other similar organisations. The association works to change and renew the banking culture throughout the world, and maintains a very useful website: www.inaise.org.

FEBEA – European Federation of Etical and Alternative Banks
FEBEA is a European network whose purpose is to provide financial tools within Social Banking for its members. www.febea.org

Institute for Social Banking is a joint institution of the social banks that has been created for the education and further development of their employees. The institute holds a summer course every year, and offers a Masters degree in collaboration with the Plymouth University.www.social-banking.org