Shares in Ekobanken

Becoming a member and owner of Ekobanken means that you are involved with the bank’s development and can influence it, and that you share in the bank’s profits. The more shareholders’ equity we have in the bank, the greater are our opportunities to grant loans from the money deposited. In this way, investment in Ekobanken gives a two-fold return for its owners: both economic and non-material. Members’ deposits in Ekobanken enable growth and enable the bank to act to create a sustainable future by granting loans to projects.

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Valuation and voting rights

There are two types of members’ deposits (shares) in Ekobanken:

  • The basic share (compulsory share) is SEK 1,000 and gives the right to one vote at a general meeting. The value of the basic share is not adjusted, and remains always SEK 1,000.
  • Further shares, for which the board can set a value. Each further share of SEK 1,000 gives the right to one further vote at a general meeting. However, no-one may have more than 10% of the votes at a general meeting.

Purchasing shares

You pay the current share value when you purchase further shares in Ekobanken. The historical share value is no guarantee of the development in the future, nor of a return on investment. The value of a share may increase or decrease in the future. You can purchase further shares by entering the desired amount on the form when opening an account.

Selling shares

For selling shares in Ekobanken the following conditions apply:

  • The compulsory share has a value of SEK 1,000.
  • The sales price of further shares is the currently valid share value.
  • The sales fee is 3% of the value of the sale.
  • The timing of the sale depends on the rate at which new shareholders are recruited.
  • A profit earned by the sale of shares will be taxed at a rate of 30%, following the regulations concerning capital income (this tax regulation applies to individuals).

You may also sell shares yourself, in which case the bank does not levy a sales fee. The transfer of shares must be reported to Ekobanken and the new shareholder must be accepted as a member by the board before the sale comes into force.