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Ekobanken is the only bank in Sweden in which the liquidity and long-term investments of your organisation function in accordance with your sustainability and ethical goals.

We principally grant loans to operations that are value driven, are part of the social economy, or have ecological goals. We have broad expertise and a wide network of contacts within these fields.

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When you make a deposit in Ekobanken, you know what your money will be used for and you can influence this use.

You will receive information regularly about the operations and projects that have been granted loans from the bank.

Being a customer in Ekobanken may become an important part of the sustainability policy of your operations, contributing to inspiration and development of this policy.

All loans to companies are made public in print and on the internet. All company clients of the bank are invited to exhibit themselves at the annual general meeting and to meet the other clients of the bank.

Get involved and influence the development of Ekobanken

Many customers are also part-owners of the bank. A deposit in Ekobanken is an investment that gives a two-fold return: an economic return, and a contribution to making the world more sustainable.

The smallest investment is SEK 1,000: larger investments are welcome.

Choose how your money is used

Choose whether the money is to be used within the bank’s complete field, or in a particular sector.

Ekobanken offers current accounts, credits and loans for companies. Companies having current accounts do their banking services through other banks. Many companies have a giro account with Nordea Bank connected to their account in Ekobanken.