Ekobanken for individuals

When you deposit your money at Ekobanken, you know what it will be used for.

Magasinet vägg Höstväg Privat postlådor

You receive regular information about the loans we have granted and other news from the bank. All accounts in Ekobanken are covered by the Swedish state’s Deposit Insurance.

You can influence Ekobanken’s development

Many customers are also part-owners of the bank. A deposit in Ekobanken is an investment that gives a two-fold return: an economic return, and a contribution to making the world more sustainable. The smallest investment is SEK 1,000: larger investments are welcome.

Choose how your money is used
Choose whether your money is to be used within the bank’s complete field, or in a particular sector. Private individuals are offered savings accounts and housing loans and need to do their daily banking services through other banks.