Head office

Telephone: +468-551 714 70
Fax: +468-551 749 90

Address: P.O. Box 64, SE-153 22 Järna, Sweden
Visitors, head office: Skäve Magasin, Järna

PlusGiro account: 8 19 05-2
Bankgiro account: 148-8444
Organisation number: 516401-9993

Opening hours, head office: Weekdays 9-12, 13-16.
Please contact us in advance if you wish to consult a customer services adviser or loans assistant.

Stockholm office (representation)

Lilla Nygatan 13, Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Please note that the Stockholm office is open solely for meetings booked in advance.


Please note that Ekobanken does not handle cash, and thus cash deposits and withdrawals are not possible at our offices.