Organisation and members

Ekobanken is a co-operative bank with around 2000 members, consisting of both individuals and institutions. Each share of value SEK 1,000 gives the right to one vote at a general meeting. It is possible to own more shares but no member may possess votes corresponding to more than 10% of the shares represented at the meeting. The members elect a Board of Representatives and an election committee. The Board of Representatives elect the Board, proposed by the election committee.

Brief history

Ekobanken was founded in 1996 and started its operations 1998. When the bank started it took over the operations of a savings association, Ekosparkassan, which in turn was the result of a merger of a gift fund and  a finance initiative which had its roots back to the early 1980’s. During the first years a lot of work was done to change the Swedish law making it possible for a small bank like Ekobanken to exist and grow with a capital below the required minimum level. After having moved the head office to Skäve Farm outside the village of Järna the bank has, despite its limited resources, made itself visible in society. The bank takes part in discussions about local and social economy, renewables, farming, housing and social co -operatives and thus being a part of the debate about how to create a sustainable society.
In 2005 the first office in the Old Town of Stockholm opened making it possible to meet new groups of clients. The year after the internet service was launched together with a tighter co-operation with the big bank Nordea, providing the necessary bankinfrastructure for company clients of Ekobanken. Since 2009 the bank has a permanent representation in Gothenburg and 2013 a larger office in Stockholm opened, replacing the previous office.